Cappuccine Frappé Mixes

An instant perk of long-lasting satisfaction that brings a cool respite from a hot summer’s day. 

The Original Range Frappe Mixes

With two refreshing all-time favourites : 
•Extreme Coffee Toffee
•Mocha Glacier

The Signature Range Frappe Mixes

Presenting six uniquely exciting flavours : 
•Chocolate Decadence
•Honeydew Frappe Mix
•Matcha Frappe Mix
•Vanilla Frost
•Vanilla Express
•Vanilla Chocolate Symphony

Showcasing four tantalizing, guilt-free flavours : 
•Double Fudge Mocha
•French Vanilla Latte
•ND Frosted Latte
•ND Mocha Glacier

 Featuring an exotic flavour that has global appeal :
•Thai Iced Tea

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